Leukoplast® professional – wound care in best hands

Leukoplast® represents the experience collected over a century of clinical practice. It now offers a whole range of specialized plasters for professional everyday wound care.

Cut or graze – every injury is different. An open wound has very different needs from a superficial scratch and must be treated according to its requirements so that it heals quickly and successfully. Leukoplast® professional plasters make first aid for that kind of injury very simple, because every single adhesive bandage carrying the name embodies pioneering technology, proven components, and specialized knowledge derived from professional wound management. Wounds heal better if you understand them. Whether at home or in your travel first-aid kit, Leukoplast® has the right plaster even for specialized cases like weeping wounds, burns and even skin blemishes. It’s a brand that physicians have been trusting for 100 years. And it’s available at your pharmacy.