Leukoplast Cuticell Classic

Leukoplast® Cuticell® Classic

Paraffin impregnated dressings to cover and sooth exuding wounds

  • Low-adherent and soothing
  • Easy to apply
  • Conformable
  • Allows wound fluid to be absorbed by a secondary dressing
  • Sterile
Leukoplast Cuticell Classic


For use on exuding wounds such as minor burns and lacerations

Additional products needed:

Should be used in conjunction with an appropriate secondary absorbent dressing (e. g. Leukoplast® Cutisoft®) and fixation dressings (e. g. Leukoplast® Fixomull®stretch)


Article Number

Pieces / Box

5 cm x 5 cm79948015
10 cm x 10 cm79948025