Gentle removal, that won't even wake a sleeping baby

For many people, dressings are an integral part in their daily routine. However, the application and removal can have a negative effect on the skin, due to the adhesive. In addition to unnecessary pain, skin damage caused by a dressing can also increase the risk of infection, result in a larger wound and delay healing. This is especially true for fragile and compromised skin.

Who is affected?

The product is suitable for elderly patients.


Older people are an ever-growing group whose ageing skin is becoming more fragile.
The product is suitable for infants.


Infants’ skin is not yet fully developed and is therefore extra sensitive.
The product is suitable for patients on certain medications causing fragile skin symptoms.

People on certain medications

Due to the regular usage of certain medications, the skin can become compromised and sensitive as a result.
The product is suitable for patients with frequent dressing changes causing fragile skin symptoms.

People with frequent dressing changes

People who require frequent dressing changes often have compromised skin, increased by additional adhesive-related injuries.
The product is suitable for patients with disease-related fragile skin.

People with disease-related fragile skin

Certain diseases may cause the skin to become fragile and sensitive.

Leukoplast skin sensitive technology - gentle with many advantages

Fragile, ageing and compromised skin has special needs when it comes to dressings. It requires a solution that protects the skin integrity and helps to avoid adhesive-related injuries. Leukoplast offers the perfect everyday answer to gentle plaster application and removal for sensitive skin.

Productshot showing skin sensitive technology benefits: reliable adhesion, reduced pain at removal, gentle removal and repositionable.

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